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Concealed Carry On Ramp (CCOR) is designed to be a starting point for women and men who want to understand and exercise their constitutional right of gun ownership and personal protection. The Constitution of the United States gives these rights to lawful citizens, and it is our intention to help individuals who want to learn about gun ownership, proper use, and concealed carry.  We believe that proper use and personal responsibility walk hand-in-hand.

At Concealed Carry On Ramp, we believe there is good and evil in this world. We believe there is truth and that it can be known. We live in a time when ordinary citizens find themselves in a position to stop evil from happening (the daily news headlines are filled with such instances), and it is our intention to give our customers the necessary tools to protect themselves and their loved-ones in this world that, at times, seems out of control.

It is our absolute guarantee that through out every step of the training process, our students will be treated with respect as they are taught by professionals who will not curse, belittle, or embarrass them in any way. The absolute truth is that each and every gun owner started at the beginning at some point, and our instructors easily remember when their gun knowledge and tactical experience was in its infancy.

Our students find that through out their classroom and range experience with Concealed Carry On Ramp, disrespect and teasing by anyone (fellow customers, instructors, Range Safety Officers, or observers) is not tolerated— and any less-than-respectful behavior will be swiftly addressed. We reserve the right to refuse classes to anyone who chooses to violate Concealed Carry On Ramp classroom policies. Concealed Carry On Ramp classrooms are positive and active learning environments where instructors model constructive learning strategies.

Many of us have had a well-intentioned, overly-enthusiastic friend or relative goad us into trying out their newest firearm. Or, maybe, as a child, an adult that we trusted goaded us into a similar situation. In either instance, the gun enthusiast loudly encourage us to pull the trigger, while stating over and over again, “IT WON’T HURT A BIT” “COME ON, GIVE IT A TRY, IT DOESN’T HURT AT ALL”– and yet in reality, that one shot hurt more than just a bit!

At Concealed Carry On Ramp we want to make sure you know that it is more than possible to learn to defend yourself and those you love in total comfort.


Our instructors have developed a unique training system called the Total Comfort Training System. Presently, Concealed Carry On Ramp is the only training school employing this unique system.


Kaery is first and foremost the wife of one and the mommy of seven. She is passionate about her relationship with her Maker, and is also passionate about teaching women to protect themselves and those they love. Kaery has been teaching for more than 25 years and is Concealed Carry On Ramp’s instructor for the women’s division.

Kaery is certified by the Utah Department of Public Safety as a Concealed Firearms Instructor and by the NRA as a Certified Instructor in the areas of: Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Refuse to be a Victim, and Range Safety Officer. Kaery has trained at the nationally recognized Thunder Ranch in both August and November of 2014.

Growing up in a law enforcement family, and subsequently immersed in guns her entire life, it is no wonder that Kaery married a gun enthusiast. As a youngster, Kaery’s dad was the firearms training officer for his sheriff’s department and he often allowed Kaery to run through his combat pistol courses.

A Concealed Carry Permit holder for many years, Kaery is comfortable and well versed in the personal protection arena and thoroughly understands the complication of concealed carry throughout all stages of a woman’s life (young adult, pregnancy, nursing, toddlers, young children, teens, and beyond).

Although she rarely talks about it, Kaery served her country in the United States Coast Guard from 1988 to 1993. Kaery served in the Bering Sea aboard the Coast Guard Cutters Morgenthau and Monroe (and was a first responder for the Exxon Valdes oil spill), as well as through out the Great Lakes as a Flight Mechanic aboard HH-60J Jayhawk helicopters. If you ask Kaery about her time in the Coast Guard (when no one is around to listen), she will share some rather interesting experiences and opportunities she had while serving the country she LOVES.

Eric and Kaery

If asked, Eric happily shares that he is the dad of seven super-cool children, and that he is the husband of one wonderful wife. Eric’s interests are faith, family, and firearms – in that order. Eric loves spending time with his family and teaching them about their faith and how to get stuff done, which often involves firearms.

As a young man, Eric had his hunting license before he had his driver’s license, and he has been a gun enthusiast for as long as anyone can remember. Eric became passionate about protecting his own family after it was discovered that convicted murderer and rapist, Joseph Duncan, was scouting out his children (among others) while they were at Kindermusik lessons on Spokane’s South Hill (facts readily available through news accounts). The unspeakable tragedy and pain inflicted by this sub-human completely changed Eric’s thinking about protecting his family.

Eric hails from a non-law enforcement and non-military background and believes that common citizens must (if willing) have a working knowledge of firearms and need to be proficient in using firearms in order to protect their loved ones. In addition to being trained in lethal force options, Eric is also a trained Tae Kwon Do Black belt, as are his oldest children ages 13 and 15.

While away from Concealed Carry On Ramp, Eric is a Nurse Practitioner in a dermatology practice and has made himself a student of Massad Ayoob, Jeff Cooper, Clint Smith, and many others.