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It is the rare man who is able to understand unique, female-specific issues such as finding a holster that works with a curvy body, or how to safely carry and draw from a purse, and trigger pulling with longer fingernails — just to name a few.

The same material that is covered in our traditional classes is also covered in our women specific classes, but in a way that addresses women’s specific concerns and questions.

With our women’s classes, students have the opportunity to learn how to shoot without the “help” and “encouragement” of a well-meaning loved one pushing them along.

Women only classes are typically smaller than co-ed classes so there is more one-on-one time with the instructor, and often more time for questions.

We’ve noticed that our women’s classes have a super friendly feel among the students, and there is not a hit of competition that is sometimes evident in our co-ed classes. As women, we tend to have a lot of fun together anyway, and this class is no different than getting together with some girlfriends.


Adapted from The Cornered Cat by Kathy Jackson