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You are not charging enough for the amount of information given at the class—Bob S.

Very balanced, thoughtful, and articulate presentation. I appreciate that Kaery took seriously the use of deadly force.— Judy C.

Excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and highly positive energy. Kind, patient, and informative. I appreciate that Kaery took the time to listen to my concerns, began the instruction at my level, and then taught me more than I ever imagined I would be able to learn about firearms and personal defense.—Tammy P.

I can’t believe how much I learned.  I have been carrying concealed for more than 30 years and I thought I would sleep through the class.  Instead, it was the best class I have ever been to about concealed carry–Harry M.

Kaery knows her stuff. The organized instruction made it easy to learn. I like how Kaery addressed my fears and helped me beyond them.— Bethany W.

I came to the class knowing nothing about firearms and being scared that it would hurt when I pulled the trigger. I liked learning with other women and FROM another woman. Kaery


‘s Total Comfort Training is exactly what I needed to become a confident and responsible firearm owner. The pacing of the instruction was excellent.— Amanda C.

Kaery’s courses always surprise me with more content than I expect and the fact that she makes the content really enjoyable with relevant videos, exercises, and drills makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. I never thought I would be able say that I looked forward to my next firearm class, but with Kaery as my teacher I can’t wait. —Rachel H